2.6.18 – Statutory – Appeals


Montgomery County lawyers Toni and Cheryl discuss what an appeal is and when you need one. We appeal at times when there is a judgment we believe is wrong or maybe the trial court just didn’t get the verdict right. Toni and Cheryl also discuss when we appeal, and who we are appealing to. We can appeal based on jury misconduct, an inadequate record (or the trial court did not allow crucial evidence), newly discovered evidence, or on the grounds of factual and legal sufficiency of the record.
Toni and Cheryl layout of the local law of appealing Municipal and City decisions, as well as federal, criminal and civil cases. The announcement of an appeal must be made in a TIMELY manner only after the court enters a final judgement. TIMELY can mean 10 days. This procedure is quick and must be followed exactly. Toni and Cheryl also discuss some cases and answer listener questions about appeals, how and when to make them! Missing appellate deadlines, interlocutory appeals and bonds that may be required when appealing a lower court judgment.

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